Watermelon Carnival
The Watermelon Carnival is Water Valley's most prized annual celebration.  An estimated 20,000 people attend the various events, always set the first weekend in August.  The carnival is named among the top 20 fesivals in the southeastern United States by the Southeastern Tourism Society.
The first carnival was held on Thursday, August 27, 1931.  At that time, the entire nation was in the grip of the depression.  In Water Valley, a bank had failed, the railroad had pulled out, and unemployment was high.  Local businessmen were concerned about the spirit of the townspeople, so they decided to host a carnival to boost morale.
The Watermelon Carnival consisted of a parade, a pageant to name the carnival queen, and a formal ball.  Festivities were repeated for nine consecutive years, and then halted with the outbreak of World War II.  The Watermelon Carnival lay in dormancy until 1980.
Today the Watermelon Carnival is a full-fledged weekend celebration.  For many people, it's a time for coming home to be with family and to enjoy reunions with school classmates.  Each year events kick off Thursday evening with a music festival at the Civic Auditorium.  Then on Friday, a Street Dance draws crowds to City Park.  All day Saturday, continuous entertainment, food vendors, arts and crafts booths, contests, parades, an antique car show, and a 3k run are set up in the park and at various downtown locations along Main Street.

If you are interested in being a Crafts Vendor in this years Watermelon Carnival please click below to download the application and return it to the address given.

2014 Crafts Vendor Application
Some of our vendors from 2012
Robbie Ferguson of Oxford Printwear
Make your own stuffed animal!!!!
Handmade Arts & Crafts
Watermelon Court
Petite Miss - Keyoria Harris
Petite Mister - Jonathan Parrish
(L to R) Lily Winkler, 4th Alternate; Kenley Pullen, 1st Alternate; Keyoria Harris, Petite Miss; Sha'Dayla Daniels, 2nd Alternate; Edee Grace Henderson, 3rd Alternate.
(L to R) Brody Bennett, 5th Alternate; Dakota Burrowes, 1st Alternate; Jonathan Parrish, Petite Mister; Peyton Chandler, 2nd Alternate; Charles V. Homan, III, 3rd Alternate; Robert C. Swanner, III, 4th Alternate.
Tiny Miss - Alexis Kordik
Tiny Mister - Zek Crocker
Little Miss 1 - Bianca Burrowes
Little Miss 2 - Hayden Bynum
Miss Preteen - Kylie-Grace Bynum
Junior Miss - Catie Magee
Miss Teenage - MaKenzie Chandler
*Watermelon Queen*
Carrie Carlisle
(L to R) Lydia Ware, 3rd Alternate; Baylie Terry, 1st alternate; Alexis Kordik, Tiny Miss; Dakota Brewer, 2nd Alternate; Bella Humphreys, 4th Alternate
(L to R) Grayson Moore, 1st Alternate; Carson Creekmore, 1st Alternate; Zek Crocker, Tiny Mister; Khamauri Rogers, 2nd Alternate; John-Paul Ashford, 3rd Alternate.
(L to R) Chasity Clark, 4th Alternate; Jasmine Cox, 1st Alternate; Bianca Burrowes, Little Miss 1; Karlee Griffin, 2nd Alternate; Ashlyn Darby, 3rd Alternate.
(L to R) Emilee Chinault, 3rd Alternate; Kalaila Folson, 2nd Alternate; Hayden Bynum, Little Miss 2; Kennendy Daniels, 1st Alternate; Maggie Ward, 4th Alternate.
(L to R) Julianna Ingram, 3rd Alternate; Kylie Grace Bynum, Miss Preteen; Alana McCammon, 2nd Alternate; Layla Hill, 1st Alternate
(L to R) Kristie Hartley, 2nd Alternate; Elizabeth Mitchell, 1st Alternate; Catie Magee, Junior Miss; Jada Ross, 3rd Alternate.
(L to R) Calla Trusty, 2nd Alternate; MaKenzie Chandler, Miss Teenage; Peyton Hill, 1st Alternate.
(L to R) Tori Peterson, 1st Alternate; Carrie Carlisle, Watermelon Queen.